Snag Inspection

At SnagPro we inspect everything that’s visible. Typically this includes the External areas: facade – front, side(s) and rear; roofs, gutters, downpipes and drainage; driveways, paths, gardens, and boundaries.

Internally we inspect

  • The operation of heating, mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems,

  • Operation of renewable technologies: Solar PV for electricity generation; Solar Evacuated Tubes for water heating; Heat Pumps for water/space heating; MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery) for fresh air whole house ventilation

  • For leaks – in pipework to kitchens, bathrooms, radiators etc..

  • Kitchen units and appliances,

  • Bathrooms and sanitary ware,

  • Fixtures and fittings,

  • Wardrobes,

  • Floors,

  • Tiling (wall and floor)

  • Windows,

  • Doors,

  • Attic space,

  • Workmanship and standard of finish in terms of carpentry (including skirting, architraves, door frames, ironmongery finish, stairs, handrail, balustrades, sole plates, risers, goings, infills, mouldings / plastering consistency on all walls and ceilings / and decorative finishes including all paintwork, caulking, fillers and varnishes.

Professional snagging report for your new build home?

Once the snag inspection is complete – SnagPro will produce a detailed quality Report and this can be available the following day (expedited service), or within 48 hours. We offer the purchaser the flexibility of reviewing the report prior to SnagPro forwarding on to the Builder.

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The Purchaser and The Builder

At SnagPro we can liaise directly with the Builder and schedule when a Snag Inspection occurs. At all stages we will keep the purchaser informed of key dates and times. Alternatively we can take a flexible approach and work with per-arranged appointments between the Purchaser and Builder.

Benefits of Snagging

A SnagPro Inspection and Report will:

  • Ensure all snags big and small have been identified

  • Outline these defects to the Builder for immediate repair

  • Eliminate any remedial work for the Purchaser once they move in

  • Ensure the purchaser gets a quality finished New Build Home

Professional Snag Services

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