We are a Professional Snagging Company offering the most comprehensive snagging survey available on New Build Properties throughout the Dublin and Leinster region.

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At SnagPro, typically this includes the External areas: facade – front, side(s) and rear; roofs, gutters, downpipes and drainage; driveways, paths, gardens, and boundaries.

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Prices include scheduling appointments with the Builder, Site Inspection and Snag List Report. A follow up Re-Inspection is available with an updated Snag Report . . .

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Welcome to SnagPro

Ensuring a Quality Finished New Build Home

Buying a new home for most people is an exciting once in a life time purchase. However, the process can be lengthy and stressful. Very often purchasers are then disappointed with sub-standard finishes and discover defects that should have been identified and rectified prior to closing the sale agreement.

At SnagPro our key objective is to ensure your new home is being handed over to the highest standard

Snagging a house or apartment is a specialist field and an important part of the buying process, to the extent that most solicitors recommend using a professional snagging company before funds are passed on to the builder.

In our experience, builders thoroughly attend to a SnagPro inspection report, mainly as the report is comprehensive, clear, concise, and includes photos, with no ambiguity on what or where the fault or defect is.  Anything that can be visually checked in the new house or apartment – is checked during the site inspection.

Our Inspectors have each over 25 years experience in the construction and house building industry. We have relevant 3rd level qualifications in construction and renewable energy related technologies that are typically installed in New Build Homes such as Heat Pumps, Solar PV, and MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery) systems.

Our attention to detail and knowing exactly what to look for and check, enables SnagPro produce quality and comprehensive Snag Reports assuring the Purchaser get what they pay for – A Quality Finished New Build Home.

Do you want a professional snagging report for your new build home?

Once the snag inspection is complete – SnagPro will produce a detailed quality Report and this can be available the following day (expedited service), or within 48 hours. We offer the purchaser the flexibility of reviewing the report prior to SnagPro forwarding on to the Builder.

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Why choose SnagPro?
  • We are Qualified Experts with vast experience in the construction field

  • Inspectors with a trained eye in identifying issues quickly

  • Providing a comprehensive, easy to follow Inspection Report for our client and the builder in 48 hours (with reports within 24 hours also available)

  • Customer focused service and flexibility to meet clients needs

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